Doctors are moving their practices forward with iTero

Better Patient Experience

It's great because you don't have to use goop, and that's what the patients perceive it as. So when you can use the iTero machine on everybody, including gaggers, it opens up a whole other client base that you get to work on, so it just increases your efficiency as well. It's just the best piece of equipment I've bought in the last 23 years.
Dr. Curtis Michem, Champaign, IL
A lot of patients are afraid of impressions—they do not want to have the impression material in their mouth for what they know is going to be a long period of time. When we explain to them that we can take a picture and give them a break in-between if we need to, you see them breathe a sigh of relief. A lot of times, that patient will commit to treatment where they may not have earlier.
Dr. Lou Buono, Garden City, NY
We incorporated iTero into our practice 9 months ago and are extremely pleased with the results. Our patients are impressed with the technology, too, as seeing their impression magnified on screen empowers them to better understand the treatment they are receiving.
Dr. Donald Keith, Mission, KS
I would endorse [iTero] every day of the week. It will make your life a lot easier. And it's going to give your patients an experience they're not going to get elsewhere.
Dr. Lou Buono, Garden City, NY
When you talk to patients about dentistry without placing impression materials in their mouth, they’re thrilled.
Dr. Virginia Plaisted, Albany, NY


I wanted to eliminate the unknown of the impression material. I didn't like standing behind the patient holding the impression material and worrying, Am I going to have to take another impression. I also didn't like the occasional phone call from the lab that there was something they saw in the impression that they didn't like. The iTero scanner eliminates all of that, 100 percent of the time.
Dr. Lou Buono, Garden City, NY
Think about it: every single time you click, you get a 100,000 data points that you're picking up. And then it sews the whole thing together. In this day and age, it just makes common sense. If Steve Jobs was a dentist, this is exactly what he would do.
Dr. Sam Kherani
I am a very particular dentist when it comes to the fit, appearance, and occlusion of the crowns and bridges I place in my patient’s mouths. iTero digital impressions have helped me achieve my goal of nearly flawless crowns and restorations.
Dr. Robert Marx, Kansas City, MO
With the iTero system, we have seen a marked reduction in remakes. Over the course of about five years, we have probably done thousands of units, and the remake factor is less than half of what we normally would have.
Dr. David Lampert
Now, all of my margins are almost perfect. It's a significant improvement in consistency. Every margin is there. If I can see it on the scan, then the margin becomes perfect. This has been one of the joys of having the system.
Dr. John Julian
I’m a skeptic by nature, and the iTero has proven itself to be a tremendous advantage for my office and for the care I give my patients. The iTero provides incredibly accurate images and models....the fit of my restorations is better and the time spent seating the restorations has been reduced significantly.
Dr. John Flucke, Lee’s Summit, MO
iTero delivers the best standards out there. I don't think there's anything on the market that actually competes with the restorations we get back from the laboratory from the scans we do with the iTero.
Dr. Leonard Tau


The great thing with using the iTero system is total flexibility. You can choose any material you want to use. If you like gold on second molars, use gold. If you like the new bruxers, use those. It doesn't matter, because you have a solid model.
Dr. Curtis Michem, Champaign, IL
That's the beautiful thing about iTero that really makes sense to me is the open architecture. It can work with other companies that develop their software that talk to each other. So when we talk about the kinds of things that you can do once you perform a scan, the sky's the limit. It just makes so much sense.
Dr. Sam Kherani
What I like most about about iTero is the amount of flexibility it gives me.
Dr. Leonard Tau, Philadelphia, PA
Since we introduced the iTero into our practice...our crowns and bridges have never looked or felt better! Impression worries are such a thing of the past....No patient worries! We ARE a better dental office!
Dr. Jason Dunville, Jefferson City, MO
What we started with was traditional crown and bridge work, then we were able to start expanding into different areas, including veneers, which was a big plus, and now we're actually offering implant work with the iTero system.
Dr. David Lampert
The models that come from iTero are excellent, and the ability to have movable dies is very beneficial to a laboratory. The articulator that they use is genius. It's unique and it's capable of doing excursions, so it's better than what we could do on our own model work.
Dr. David Lampert


iTero has made me more efficient by making me more accurate in many ways. Because you can see your prep so largely, you can fix your preparations and they're closer to ideal and you also have faster insert appointments because your crowns fit better. Overall, it's easier to clean your rooms and set up for your next patient.
Dr. Ginny Plaisted
We used to schedule half-hour appointments for inserts, now it's literally 10 minutes. We drop it in and we check it and we cement it in and the patient is out in 10 minutes on almost every single case. The accuracy and the fit of the iTero has literally cut my insert appointments down to a third of the time and has allowed me obviously to do more dentistry and generate more money. It's been an absolutely amazing addition to my practice.
Dr. Leonard Tau
Bottom line is, you're able to produce more dentistry, and thus, more income.
Dr. Curtis Michem
For single crowns, multiple crowns, large cases, it's incredibly time-efficient, because everything is done one time.
Dr. John Julian
I do book shorter appointments now for insert appointments, which allows me more time to see emergencies, spend more time with hygiene patients, and be more efficient in my office.
Dr. Ginny Plaisted
The iTero scanner has definitely changed my practice. It has afforded me a lot more time. It allows me to see my impressions in real time, so I know I've got a good scan. Once I see it on a monitor, I know the lab can make me the case, so in terms of what iTero has done for me, it has streamlined my practice and made me much more efficient.
Dr. Lou Buono

Ease of Use

My communication with the laboratory is now streamlined. I don't have to write anything down, have anybody read anything, have anybody pick it up. That's done. There's no other variable in there. We click the button, and the whole thing is sent. How beautiful is that?
Dr. Steven Glassman
The first day I got [iTero] we were trained, and I started taking scans that day, and I have not taken an impression since that first day. I would say the learning curve is pretty short.
Dr. John Julian
The process from literally purchasing it, to training on it, to putting the first crowns in, it was an amazing, easy process. It was smooth as silk.
Dr. Leonard Tau
By the time the dentist goes ahead and clicks five or six times, they realize there's nothing to it. It's quite easy.
Dr. Sam Kherani
What I had not anticipated was the positive impact iTero would have on our assistants. We have seen them rise to a new level of accountability for their role in the impression process. It has given them the feeling that they are truly responsible for the outstanding results we are achieving with its use.
Dr. Barry Wilson
The training is a two-day training, and by the end of the second day, you're pretty much ready to fly on your own. The only difference is, you just get faster using it.
Dr. Curtis Michem
For one thing, the iTero is fun to use, so [my staff have] enjoyed using it, and they want to do scanning. Secondly, when you're using the iTero, there's significantly less clean up, so the assistant is using their brain and their abilities more, talking to patients and doing more dentistry rather than sterilizing a room and trying to clean up.
Dr. Ginny Plaisted
doctor Dr. Francesco Garino
Turin, Italy
"The precision of the impression is just perfect. I haven’t had a redo since 2011."
"The Invisalign Outcome Simulator is a big plus. I use it as a clinical tool as well as an educational device. It’s also a great tool for patient conversion. It really engages the patient and lets us have an actual discussion about their condition".
"It also reduces the time it took to receive the first ClinCheck plan. There are occasional times when I’ll get my ClinCheck in 24 or 48 hours. I can tell you this makes a huge difference to the patient. It just lets us get started faster".
"I like the fact that it’s a green technology. There’s no chemicals that you’re mixing and then throwing away. There’s no pollution from cars and planes when you’re shipping things. I like the fact that my staff is working with a cleaner process."
doctor Dr. Jörg Schwarze
Cologne, Germany
"We know it can be hard for patients to imagine what will happen with their teeth. You can tell them they’re going to have straight teeth, but it’s always better to be able to visualize the results. That’s where the Invisalign Outcome Simulator comes in handy; as we all know, a picture says more than a thousand words."
"If someone asked me about what it’s like to own an iTero Element Scanner, I’d tell them it’s a lot of fun for your staff. It’s easy to use. The software and touch-screen interface makes it easy to move around and navigate. You also get your ClinCheck so much faster."
"Most of our patients are really eager to begin treatment, and this cuts down on the time, which goes back to my original point, and that’s that it will have the biggest impact on the patient. And that’s why you should consider it."
doctor Dr. Alain Souchet
Mulhouse, France
"The quality of digital impression is more accurate than a PVS one (Polyvinyl siloxane) . Scans can be retouched in front of the patient. Refinements are fast and easy. Consequently the lab never asks for a second impression. I don’t have to subject my patients to an uncomfortable mouthful of "gooey dough"."
"I can have a complete, full-mouth impression in under 10 minutes, even 5 minutes. STL files are available and transmittable through to third-party labs. […] No impression shipping delays to worry about".
"The touchscreen is easy to use as it works like a smartphone. I can zoom, rotate and manipulate the onscreen 3D image with two-fingers while explaining to the patient. The IOSim (Invisalign Outcome Simulator) works like an app. It is for me the BEST feature of the scanner".
doctor Dr. Cristina Viyuela
Madrid, Spain
"It really portrays your practice in a great light. Invisalign is a technology company; anyone who sees the iTero in the office automatically sees you as a cutting edge practice. It says the future is here".
"The PVS impression is a very technique sensitive process. It can take people years to get really good at taking a PVS impression. And even then, there’s so many things that can still go wrong. With the iTero Element scanner, everyone on my team was taking 100% perfect scans in just two days. […] Now my staff does all of the impressions. This frees me up to concentrate my efforts on actual orthodontics".
"We don’t need to dedicate any space to storing stone models. We use digital records, which saves us a great deal of space, something that’s important for a growing practice".
doctor Dr. Virginia Rootkin-Gray
Solihull, United Kingdom
"We wanted to keep abreast of modern technology and improve the patient journey for our patients but we also wanted to release our premium ground floor space which was currently full of plaster models. […] We gained a further ground floor surgery and a designated decontamination room".
"In terms of patient experience, the scanner has been a revelation. Patients can now have a scan taken by one of the nurses (who love this additional skill and responsibility). Delegating this allows me more time for other procedures.".
"The scan can then be sent immediately to Invisalign, so a staff member no longer has to arrange a UPS pick up and the records begin being evaluated almost immediately, so reducing the time to ClinCheck and fit".