Orthodontic digital platform

iTero orthodontic scans can be used directly with OrthoCAD software for digital orthodontics. Orthodontic case types, including iCast (alternative digital stone case models) and iRecords (complete full arch scan record files) are stored on the cloud storage on myitero.com.

Digital analytics

Take teeth width, space, T-J Moyers, Bolton, arch width, canine distance, and overbite/overjet measurements, including point-to-point, point-to-plane, and plane-to-plane measurements with OrthoCAD Software.

Digital tools

OrthoCAD offers a comprehensive suite of digital tools including Occlusogram, Computerized Discrepancy Index, Phase III Grading, and Jaw Alignment.

Practice management integration

OrthoCAD integrates with the Dolphin Management orthodontic practice management system to link scan data with patient records.

Visualize a better practice

The power of seeing is believing is unleashed through iTero visualization tools. Keep your patients engaged throughout their entire treatment journey from beginning to end.

iTero TimeLapse

iTero TimeLapse technology shows patients how their teeth are moving over time. It can be difficult for patients to notice the small changes that are occurring between appointments. iTero TimeLapse is a great way to keep patients engaged in their treatment by highlighting those changes that they cannot see in the mirror.


Clinician review of dentition and preparations in real time to ensure adequate occlusal clearance.

Multi-bite scan feature

Maintain natural occlusion while capturing highly detailed multi-bite registration. Then simply export as an STL file for third-party systems.

OrthoCAD capabilities

The iTero Element intraoral scanners have been designed to work with the iTero Orthodontic Digital Platform, which enables you to digitize orthodontic workflows. Increase efficiency with digitally enabled tools provided by iTero scanners that transform tasks you currently perform manually.

Laboratory connectivity

Send iTero scans directly to the laboratories of your choice for processed orthodontic appliances, retainers, printed models, indirect bonding, and digital bracket removal services.

Open STL export

iTero scans are available in an open STL export format that is widely accepted by third-party providers. Scans also can be exported for integration with cone beam CT data by third-party treatment planning providers.

We're big on results

60 seconds

Complete a full arch scan in as little as 60 seconds1

24 million +

orthodontic scans performed worldwide2

1Scan times vary and depend on individual experience. Data on file at Align Technology.
2Data on file at Align Technology, as of January 29, 2020. Invisalign scans include but not limited to additional aligner order scans, progress tracking, and does not reflect total Invisalign case shipments.